Background Checks in New Brunswick
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Streamline tenant screening with Fastkey‘s comprehensive background checks in New Brunswick, ensuring seamless compliance. Reliable tenants are vital in real estate. Thorough background checks are good practice for landlords and property managers to meet legal standards, protect investments, and ensure safe living environments.

Background Checks in New Brunswick

Understanding Tenant Background Checks In New Brunswick

Tenant background checks thoroughly assess a potential tenant’s history, including financial responsibility, rental track record, criminal background, and employment status. Complying with legal standards in New Brunswick is an essential measure to validate financial responsibility and ensure your home is entrusted to individuals who prioritize its safeguarding.

Benefits of Tenant Background Checks

Implementing name-based criminal background checks in New Brunswick prioritizes property, tenant, and community safety. These checks mitigate risks, ensuring a secure living environment and informed decision-making in tenant selection. Commitment to thorough property management enhances reputation and attracts desirable tenants.

Components of Background Checks

When seeking dependable tenants, access to a diverse array of products is vital. Fastkey presents a comprehensive set of tools crafted to simplify your tenant screening process and help you discover the ideal match for your property. Here’s an overview of what Fastkey provides:

  • Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) Documents: Access CRA documents, including Notices of Assessments, Statements of Accounts, CCB details, and proof of income.
  • Credit Score Report powered by Equifax credit reports encompasses debt summaries, credit scores, collection actions, bankruptcies, liens, and fraud warnings.
  • Income Verification: Real-time banking data and self-reported income for income verification.
  • Asset Report: Detailed insights into historical balances, transaction history, negative records, account activity, cash flow, and debt status.
  • Identity Verification: Ensure KYC compliance using Identity verification using biometric technology.allowing you to verify identification from over 100 different countries.
  • Criminal Record Check: Name-based criminal background checks and searches in the Canadian Police Information Centre. to identify any prior convictions of your applicants.
Background Checks in New Brunswick

Conducting Tenant Background Checks in New Brunswick

When landlords conduct tenant background checks in New Brunswick, they should follow the guidelines outlined in the Residential Tenancies Act. This legislation dictates the information permissible for request and consideration during the screening process. Landlords verify potential tenants’ employment history, income stability, credit score, and rental history to evaluate their reliability and lease agreement fulfillment capability. Additionally, considering factors such as criminal background or past eviction records may offer a holistic understanding of the applicant.

Third-party agencies specializing in background checks in New Brunswick ensure accuracy and privacy regulation compliance. These services furnish detailed reports on individuals’ financial standing, rental payment history, and any prior legal issues that could impact their tenancy. Through thorough background checks, landlords can mitigate risks associated with unreliable tenants, safeguarding their property investment. Ultimately, comprehensive screenings foster informed decision-making and establish a stable rental arrangement for both parties involved.

How Background Checks In New Brunswick Work: A Simple Overview

To initiate a criminal record check, input your potential candidate’s details like their name, phone number, and email. Choose between a Standard or Enhanced Criminal Record Check. Subsequently, candidates will receive an email and SMS prompting them to complete the application, requiring a valid government-issued ID and answering basic questions. Upon submission, our policing partners will conduct the search and send an official report upon completion. The process could yield results in just 15 minutes! Don’t delay—secure peace of mind by ordering a criminal record check today. Get started now!

Choosing the Right Provider

Choosing a reliable and reputable company to perform background checks is crucial. Employers should opt for a service that adheres to privacy regulations, ensures data security, and delivers thorough and accurate background reports. Fastkey is a dependable service that fulfills these criteria. With Fastkey, you can be confident that your background checks in New Brunswick will be conducted efficiently, securely, and with precision, providing assurance throughout the process.

How long does a criminal record check take in New Brunswick?

Reports are frequently finalized within a mere 15 minutes, though in some cases, processing may extend up to 48 hours. It’s important to highlight that we prioritize the security of your information by abstaining from physical mail delivery, mitigating any potential tampering risks. Rest assured, you will receive prompt notification once a candidate’s criminal record check becomes accessible through your Fastkey account.

What details are typically included in my criminal record report?

Fastkey facilitates criminal record checks by partnering with local police departments, they conduct the criminal records, specifically the Canadian Police Information Center (CPIC) database. For detailed conviction information, initiate a Criminal Records and Judicial Matters Check (CRJMC) at your nearest police station, including fingerprint verification. Please note, privacy regulations prohibit us from disclosing specific conviction details.

How much do criminal background checks in New Brunswick?

At Fastkey the standard criminal record check costs 30.99$+GST and the enhanced criminal record check costs 36.99$+GST

When is my credit card charged after ordering a report?

When you request a report through Fastkey, we temporarily authorize your card for the report’s specified amount. Once your applicant fulfills your request and the report is generated, your card will be charged. If your applicant fails to complete the request within 7 days, the authorization hold will be lifted, and the requested report will be canceled.

By placing a temporary hold on the card, we offer a risk-free solution, as users are only billed once the requested report is successfully generated. This not only provides peace of mind but also reinforces our commitment to customer satisfaction by aligning charges with the delivery of valuable services.

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